Halloween giveaway/ concours


Finally, the day has arrived for the Halloween giveaway!

Please meet Lady Sylvina She-Wolf (the giveaway prize worth £48!). She has been invited to the Friends in the Leaves party and put on her best outfit and her reversible hooded cloak!

How to take part in the giveaway

It’s easy, just leave a comment here answering the following: TELL ME ABOUT SOMETHING THAT SCARES YOU! One answer per person please!

The giveaway will close on Thursday 16th of October at 8pm (UK time) and the winner will be drawn at random shortly after!I f the winner lives outside of Europe they will be asked to pay part of the postage (£8 instead of £13!)

Good luck!

Enfin, c’est le jour du concours d’Halloween!

Voici Lady Sylvina She-Wolf (Louve) (le prix à gagner d’une valeur de 48£!). Elle a été invitée à la fête d’Halloween des Friends in the Leaves et s’est habillée pour l’occasion avec sa jolie cape à capuche reversible!

Comment participer

C’est simple, il vous suffit de me laisser un commentaire pour répondre à la question suivante: QU’EST-CE QUI VOUS FAIT PEUR? Une réponse par personne svp!

Le concours se terminera Jeudi 16 Octobre à 20h (21h en France) et le ou la gagnant(e) sera tiré au sort un peu après! Si le ou la gagnant(e) vit en dehors de l’Europe il lui sera demandé de payer une partie des frais d’envoi (8£ au lieu de 13£!)

Bonne chance!

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101 thoughts on “Halloween giveaway/ concours”

      1. My Gran bought mini drumsticks once (which tasted like chicken). After we had finished them she told us they had been frog’s legs 🐸 boke x


  1. Horror films scare the pants off me!! I can read scary books all day long, but films freak me out! I’ve been scarred for life by The Exorcist 😦


  2. Clowns! They are aweful! And what’s worse is that I work in a school where circus is a theme… Just no! Red Nose Day is a bad day for me… Clowns everywhere!! X


  3. I love spiders cos they eat flies! What scares me are; injections, blood tests and the fair! I am the one watching and holding the coats and bags at the fair 😉 xx


  4. Beaucoup de choses me font peur, mais je crois que ce qui me fait le plus peur malheureusement c’est l’humain :p

    il est capable du meilleur comme du pire, sinon j’ai peur des aticots et vers de terre aussi 😀


  5. As a child a used to be petrified of wolves (The big bad wolf!). I believed wolves used to hide in our cellar (and under my bed) and I hated it when my Mum sent me downstairs to get something out of the larder. I used to sing at the top of my voice to stop me hearing them growling and snarling and ran up the stairs five steps at a time. If I needed the toilet in the middle of the night I used to run and jump from my door in to my bed, so they wouldn’t be able to grab my legs. Luckily now I LOVE wolves! I wish we had wolves living in the wild and I’d love to be reborn as a wolf if I had to pick an animal. I now blame fairy tales for my fear as a child (Peter and the wolf, Little Red Riding hood, The wolf and the seven goats, Three little pigs) and wont make the same mistake with my little girl. Unfortunately I am now petrified of SPIDERS and quicksand (or walking through mud). Even my daughter’s plastic toy spider gives my palpitations.


      1. One of my most favourite movies ever is “Ladyhawk” at night he turns in to a black wolf and during the day she turns in to a hawk, so they can never be together. Such a romantic film… X


  6. Lots of things, the weirdest is probably the little stalk from tomatoes, if one is left lying around I see it and think it’s a spider!! I also hate butterflies (although they look nice,) I locked myself in my bedroom for over 2 hours in the summer when one came into the house, until Stephen got home!


  7. Shhhhhh don’t tell her, but…….being a passenger in a car being driven by my mum….. that’s scary!!! I’m sure she used to be a much better driver, now I find myself holding onto allsorts…. and pressing my imaginary brake!!! 😉


  8. Wait for it!!… being attacked by chickens!! Yes I know, quite out there but this did actually happen to me when I was 13 and for my pocket money I had to go and work collecting barn eggs and stacking them all etc. in a very large barn. A daemon chicken decided this was her day for revenge and she came at me……..so to this day I am not happy around chickens ( or geese but that’s another storey ) Love wolves though! x


  9. I a so scared of aliens! You can’t imagine how my husband laugh when he try to see a movie with some aliens. I try no to show how much I’m scared in front of my children and most of time it works but with my husband, no way!
    Try to imagine when we have a cup of tea outside and he stops the conversation because he tells me he saw some small grey alien on my back, just near our forest (at the end of our garden). It looks funny, but it’s not! 😉


  10. Flappy birds – get out of my face! Conversely, we have a couple of bats who visit our garden at dusk every day and I love watching them.


  11. Flying birds in the same room as me, or a big flying insect…bah..watched Hitchcocks The Birds as a young child must be why!blame my older brother!


  12. Ce qui me fait peur c’est de croiser quelqu’un qui a l’air de me connaitre (“oh, salut, comment tu vas ?”) et que moi JE SAIS PLUS QUI C’EST !!!

    En général, mon coeur loupe 2-3 battements, et je deviens verte.


  13. Spiders i can deal with…but wasps, now they’re scary. Last week, one stung my dog and i had to get it out of her leg fur. Very brave!


  14. Et bien moi, ce sont les serpents…. ça me tétanise… Mais aussi la puissance des éléments naturels qui me fascinent autant qu’ils m’effraient (montagne, orage….)


  15. Wooden Spoons! I know it sounds mad, but it’s the feeling of that rough wood, all rough and horrid… I was fine in woodwork lessons at school, it’s just wooden spoons! I try to keep them out of the house, but my husband occasionally buys them (out of pure badness I’m sure. I throw them out, but have to pick them up in a tea-towel so I don’t touch them!! Urgh!). Once my boy came home with a decorated wooden spoon from nursery – nightmare!!! Fine with spiders, frogs, most of the other things mentioned, but wooden spoons – eeeeekkkkkkk


  16. Clowns! Horrible things. However if they can win me such an amazing prize maybe, just maybe I won’t be so scared of them?! Haha who I am I kidding!! They are horrific!! xx


  17. Slugs I find quite horrific, I don’t mind spiders so much. I’m not fond of seagulls either, they seem quite menacing when they all get together.


  18. I’m scared of dwarves, a terrible experience as a child at a pantomime of Snow White, has left me scarred! Maybe Ms Wolfe will help keep me brave!


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