Reindeer/ Renne

Well, I have decided to start a (monthly?) series with a different animal each month. It shall include some facts about the animal, and some craft projects and some art related pictures found over the Internet! And since it’s almost Christmas, I think it would be very appropriate to start with reindeer!

Reindeer (also known as Caribou in Northern America) are native to regions around the arctic circle in Europe, Siberia and Northern America. They vary in size depending on the subspecies.

In most subspecies , both sexes grown antlers and they are usually larger on male reindeer. It is the only cervid species in which females grow antlers. Once a year their antlers fall off and start growing again.

Reindeer are ruminants. They mostly eat lichen and also leaves from willows and birches and grass.

They have various predators such as the Golden Eagle, wolverines and bears.

Santa’s reindeer were first named in the 1823 poem A Visit from St. Nicholas.

And here are a few reindeer related craft activities to do with children (or not!) 🙂 click on the picture to access my Pinterest board!



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