Back to painting

Hello everyone!

After a ten day break I have been itching to get back to work. I had decided at the end of 2016 to spend most of January painting and working on my style. So that’s exactly what I am doing now.

I have already been experimenting a bit with a different type of medium, a shadowbox which I used to answer a call to artists for an exhibition. It would be my first exhibition, I’m proud to at least have applied, even if I get rejected. I’ll let you more about this if I get accepted, but there will be more shadow boxes experiments regardless as  I enjoyed it so much and am pleased with the result!

IMG_0867.JPG‘Come and’find me’

I am also wanting to do more involved paintings and previously I found it hard to take the time. I was always wanting to finish something in one day (maybe to feel a sense of achievement after each day?) and therefore mostly painted quickish illustrations. So January will be perfect for this. I hope to grow more as an artist if I give myself more time and less pressure to experiment. And this year’s first painting will be on wood! I found this wonderful wood panel and can’t wait to put the first strokes on it!


As a means of growing as an illustrator I have created a Facebook page and an Instagram account solely dedicated to my illustrations as sometimes I feel that some of my artwork isn’t directly related to Friends in the Leaves. So if you feel like following me, supporting me or recommending me to your friends, you can find me at and on Instagram at @auroremcleod. Next up: a website/ portfolio?

Thank you for being here!




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