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My name is Aurore, and I am the creator of Friends in the Leaves. I am mum to a 5 year old beautiful grumpy clever girl called Emma, wife of a wonderful grumpy clever man called Shane. After spending 2 years in Scotland we are back in Tasmania, Australia. I am a self taught toy maker and illustrator.

I started making soft toys in 2008. What started as a hobby is now slowly becoming a full time venture. Over the years my creative process has changed. I used to see the toys I made as just that: soft toys. Now I see them as characters with their own personalities: no two will ever be the same, and their different clothes and smiles help construct their unique personalities.

I strive to make items as beautiful and well made as I can. I put a lot of thought into the choice of colours, patterns and fabric. My toys are only made of new materials which are of great quality (only 100% wool felt, strong cotton, Shannon minky…). To ensure that they are safe for children they have passed a number of tests and are CE certified, which means that they comply with European Safety Standards (EN 71), some of the strictest toy safety standards in the world.

Every single character I have created has a story to tell. I hope that children sense it when they receive one of the Friends and that their imagination is sparked by it. If you buy one of the Friends I would love to hear about your child’s relationship with it!




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